About us


Remember how you made ideas in childhood? It was from PLAY.

How we make ideas now?

Why don’t we PLAY now?

還記得小時候我們的主意是怎樣來的嗎? 是玩耍的時候走出來的。 我們現在又如何想到特別的主意?

Ideaplay is a brand maximizing the function of your Ideapaint wall.

To organize your idea by Ideapaint; To organize your stationary by Ideaplay.

Decorating, exploring creativity, amplifying artistic sense with Ideaplay.


我們用Ideapaint組織想法; 用Ideaplay整理我們的空間。


Apply our Ideaplay magnetic primer. Now you can put your frames and shelves on it.

Ideaplay also provide markers, rulers, magnets and even dry erase dolls.  

Just tell us what you need furthermore…






而活藝術裝飾有限公司 於 2010 年在香港創立,擁有一班專業的工作團隊及工藝師,特別擅長於藝術塗料及批蕩、刮色和貼箔等技術,亦能夠在牆壁、天花,甚至藝術裝飾品的表面製造各種不同紋理和質感。


活藝術裝飾有限公司致力提供的服務包括︰承接室內外藝術裝飾工程、訂制各類造型藝術品和裝飾掛板、銷售自家品牌建築、分銷意大利品牌“Stucco Italiano”的藝術塗料,以及專業的售後服務及相關藝術材料諮詢。




Ideaplay, an own brand of Creativo Design & Contracting Co., Ltd since 2019.


Creativo is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2010. With a team of creative specialists in contracting, provides artistic decoration finish including utilizing special paint, plastering, colour washing and leafing art.

Being capable of creating various patterns and textures on wall, ceiling and even surfaces of artworks, Creativo is committed to providing services like undertaking indoor and outdoor artistic decorative works, manufacturing customized artworks and decorative cladding with various style, promoting our own branded construction material, distributing the special paints from Stucco Italiano, an Italian brand, as well as professional after-sale and artistic material consultancy services.


For more information, don’t forget to click on the banner to visit Creativo’s official website.