Learning and Teaching Expo


Fully showcase the important elements of the future classroom

The learning and teaching exhibition showcases the latest teaching equipment and teaching systems every year. We and the team of Future Classroom designed the display of the Future Classroom in the booth. Among them are high-tech electronic teaching materials and equipment, with Ideapaint, accessories and classroom furniture that facilitate teacher-student’s interaction, which fully brings out the elements of the STEM classroom.

To focus on students’ STEM development, teachers use Ideapaint and teaching aids to give more interactive teaching to stimulate students’ multi-directional thinking and creativity, and increase opportunities for academic discussion among students.


學與教展覽展示最新的教學器材和教學系統。 我們和未來教室的團隊在展位中設計了未來教室的陳列擺設。 當中有高科技的電子教材設備,配合上Ideapaint 白板漆,方便師生互動的配件及教室傢俱,完整帶出STEM未來教室的元素。