Hong Chi School


Fun games between classes

The school provides comprehensive education for student with intellectual disabilities. The teachers always design difference learning activities to help student develop their potential. They ask us for providing Ideapaint walls with magnetic primers in corridors. The students could draw and paly on the wall during their recess. It is good to train the student by playing game to improve their thinking, concentration and learning to get along with others. It’s better to stand up and doodling than just sitting down and waiting for next lesson. The Ideapaint wall is also very durable. The student use it every day in these 2 years and they didn’t not damaged the function of the whiteboard wall yet.






We cooperated with the school to organize extracurricular activities for little kid. We cut whiteboard film in different shapes for children learn from about shapes. Children can combine different shapes to create more graphics, and draw some corresponding patterns. The students have played a very good cooperation and fully demonstrated their interesting organization and creativity!



Let’s get on with it! Go and get your favourite accessories for your little innovative corner!


Mong Kok Kai Fong Association Limited Chan Hing Social Service Centre ; and Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA)


We offer free drawing classes for children from low-income families at the center occasionally. We bring Ideapaint animals. Children can learn to paint on three-dimensional surfaces and understand the difference between curved and flat drawing. The children design different clothes for small animals which we can see a lot of creativity from them.

Moreover, we also sponsor and participate in community activities organized by the center.

我們不定期在中心為低收入家庭兒童開設免費畫畫班。 當中帶來Ideapaint 白板漆小動物,讓小朋友學習在立體的表面繪畫,了解曲面和平面畫畫的分別;也讓小朋友發揮創意,為小動物設計不同的衣裳。另外,我們也贊助及參加中心舉辦的社區活動。

Secondary School


Idea from teacher:

Learning and relationship building space

The area is just ready during this summer time. We have the Ideapaint wall with magnetic primer and placed some table and chair sets on the artificial grass lawn. My idea for providing this space for relationship building between our teachers and students. It can be a venue of mini workshop or open classroom. We could use this space for non-academic communication during the recess or after-school.



這空間剛在這個暑假完成工程。 我們增設了有磁性底漆的Ideapaint白板牆,並在新鋪的人造草坪上放置了一些桌子和椅子。 我的想法是提供讓老師和學生之間增進學習與交流的空間。 設施可以方便師生在課餘時間或放學後使用此空間進行非學術交流。或是作為舉行迷你工作坊及開放教室的地方。

Learning and Teaching Expo


Fully showcase the important elements of the future classroom

The learning and teaching exhibition showcases the latest teaching equipment and teaching systems every year. We and the team of Future Classroom designed the display of the Future Classroom in the booth. Among them are high-tech electronic teaching materials and equipment, with Ideapaint, accessories and classroom furniture that facilitate teacher-student’s interaction, which fully brings out the elements of the STEM classroom.

To focus on students’ STEM development, teachers use Ideapaint and teaching aids to give more interactive teaching to stimulate students’ multi-directional thinking and creativity, and increase opportunities for academic discussion among students.


學與教展覽展示最新的教學器材和教學系統。 我們和未來教室的團隊在展位中設計了未來教室的陳列擺設。 當中有高科技的電子教材設備,配合上Ideapaint 白板漆,方便師生互動的配件及教室傢俱,完整帶出STEM未來教室的元素。


Cooperation Partners 曾合作公司/機構

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Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School (HKBUAS)

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